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Second Life

The Discovery of the Americas project in Second Life (SL) has as main aim the incorporation in SL of social media driven material – in the form of personal records (images, voice, text). An online platform where files with a limited size can be uploaded feeds the SL environment in a number of ways (data repository and polls) but off-world.

For our use of historical maps we will draw inspiration from David Rumsey’s SL sim on historical maps. However, unlike the maps that are part of Rumsey’s collection (dating from the 18th and 19th centuries), those pertinent to the Discovery of the Americas project have very little in common with the real places they depict.

1st module:

Spherical models

2nd module:

Flat historical map with touchable objects.

3rd module:

The social module – (proof of concept)

Download the Attachment (Microsoft Word).