Many theories of pre-Columbian travel to the New World have been put forth by historians, attesting to the enduring fascination human cultures have with travel and discovery. This site is not aimed at furthering any particular theories or developing arguments about who may or may not have arrived “first” in the Americas. We are devoted to collecting and presenting digital resources in a user-friendly manner that will allow site visitors to see and explore for themselves pre-modern cultures and their technologies and myths (written and oral) that led to their enthusiasm for exploration.

Our goal is to make the excitement and mystery that surrounded pre-modern travel in world-wide cultures come alive for the modern digital traveler. We want you to experience some of what these travelers felt as they heard stories of fantastic places and difficult voyages, and worked with early technologies to understand their world.

Recognizing that all travel resulted in some sort of cultural interaction and that the Americas already possessed vibrant cultures, our project is designed around these moments of encounter.