Departmental written guidelines

I had a lot of questions after reading the following sentence from the MLA website, “Guidelines for Evaluating Work with Digital Media in the Modern Languages”:

“Institutions and, when appropriate, departments should develop their own written guidelines so that faculty members engaged in research and teaching with digital media can be adequately and fairly evaluated and rewarded.”

 We have both the Department Chair and the Director of Graduate Studies as co-professors in this course — so I’m curious — does OUR department of French and Italian have written guidelines outlining the treatment/interpretation/rewarding of work with digital media, as used by its professors?  Does ANY department at Vanderbilt have this?  What would those guidelines look like in our own department? 

When we graduate students are on the job market, would it be appropriate to ask how “research and teaching with digital media [are] adequately and fairly evaluated and rewarded” (MLA website) bythe prospective department/institution?