Digital Humanities: what about making things simple?!

Second post in 6 weeks. This is far from what could be called a “proper” Digital Humanist… And yet, blogging is not the only thing that can define a Digital Humanist (cf. my post on Diigo). I have had much thinking about my presence online but also about what it takes to do D.H. Our discussion in class about inclusion has actually been  enlightening  on that matter since I realized that I am not as excited as other Graduate students on D.H but yet that it does not mean that I refuse to use/work with D.H.

On the contrary, I completely agree with the discussion we have had about the language that we use when talking about D.H. and consequently here is a first simple reflection for our group: a way to make  D.H more attractive to more people is simply to be more intelligible  in our wording about it. Who could give a very simple definition of D.H? What is a Digital Humanist? Are we Digital Humanists because we use technology? Are we going to be Digital Humanists at the end of this course? If yes, to what extend?


  • Anonymous

    Roxanne,  GREAT!  Good going.

    I want to turn the tables on you, though.  Because it’s way too easy for us to tell you what to think.  I want to know what you think!  :)

    So, answer these questions for me!
    -What is a Digital Humanist?
    -What is a simple definition of DH?
    -Are you a Digital Humanist if you use technology?
    -Is it possible for you to be a Digital Humanist at the end of this course?  If yes, to what extent?

    I know that you have some answers and I would love to hear them!