Final Project Brainstorming

As I begin brainstorming for my final project, I’m thinking about the three hands-on tools we’ve practiced so far:  ArcGIS, TEI, and Omeka.

One of the conditions of our final project is to use at least two tools, and the first thing that comes to mind for me is to create several maps on ArcGIS and to then display on an Omeka site.  However, I’d like to use TEI…but how??  If I were to type up a program/code of some sort, what do I then do with it?  I don’t know what to do after TextEdit.

How can I incorporate my beginner TEI coding skills in a project?  Does knowledge of TEI coding allow me to tweak an Omeka site?  Or if I were to use TEI with ArcGIS — maybe I could create a map of key locations — and within the coding label these locations as “terms” (or is it <term>?) of some sort.

As we read in one of the TEI articles, I could use XML encoding to focus on the descriptive markup (as opposed to the database-style procedural markup) for excerpts of the Mandeville text… (my source)

I don’t understand if our project is more of just a practice/training exercise for our own benefit, or if we’re really building something to be used by the academic community.  Should my focus be more on building a strong, organized base from which I can build/add content (so focusing in depth on one chapter or a few paragraphs); or should I focus more on the content and leave the more detailed encoding for later on (so trying to include the entire work, as more of a gloss)?

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    Katie:  Don’t forget WordPress and Diigo!  :)  Could you possibly include those in your list of hands-on tools?  We’ll talk to you today, in class, about your projects.