Good to know…

I just read the short article entitled, “Whatever made you think it was your data anyway?” (Thanks, Lyn!)
I appreciate Steven Poole’s matter-of-fact tone, and I think his article will inspire me in two main ways: (1) to become more aware of the roles I play as an internet user, and (2) to become more vigilant in how I manage my data online. Interestingly enough, these two ideas are already being explored, as I learn how to use WordPress; I’ll become a webmaster (not just a “product being sold”), and will be in charge of the “metaspace” in which my data is stored.

  • Anonymous

    Julian, I half-agree with both you and Annette. 

    I think that it’s pretty easy to write a brazen critique of people’s lack of knowledge regarding free digital storage.  Yes, of course he’s right.  But, his “in your face” style in explaining it is not really effective to me.

    But, I have to say that people have to realize that the world is not a place where people just offer you a free terrabyte of online storage because they feel that it’s a really nice thing to do.  If you store your boxes of books in your friend’s basement, after six years (s)he is going to open up the boxes and check out what you have.