Another Introduction!

Hello! My name is April Stevens and I am a third year graduate student in the French Department at Vanderbilt University. I am currently embarking on the first stages of preparing to write a disseration. My research focuses on the circulation of information between France and the New World during the 18th century (prior to the French Revolution). I am particularly interested in how French authors appropriated the “New World” or fictionalized versions of it to explore philosophy and the application of philosophy.

I hope that this exploration of the Digital Humanities will help me to find new methods of visualizing my research, and I think that GIS in particular could be helpful in mapping out the connections I see between the old and new worlds. Aside from my research, I am also committed to excellence in my teaching, which I think could also be greatly enhanced with DH tools. I have taught introductory language courses since 2010 here at Vanderbilt, but this semester I am also fortunate to be a TA for a literature course on the French Enlightenment. I already see many possible technologies that could help me to enhance both the language and literature courses that I teach.

Thank you!


My name is Annette Quarcoopome and I am currently a second-year graduate student in the French program at Vanderbilt University. My research focuses largely on questions of history and memory in Antillean literature. My most recent project focuses on literary texts and legal documents in the context of the French and Haitian revolutions, and the conceptualizations of racial and national identity contested and reshaped through translation. I am curious and excited to discover new and useful intersections between translation and digital technologies.