Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

In order to build some background knowledge before introducing an extract from Camara Laye’s L’Enfant noir, I’m going to use the two maps April showed in her presentation at the last seminar.   (Loved this one – )

I wish we already had it fixed up so that I could show them one map, with the “new” country borders overlapping the African empires — so until we have that (April’s project?), I’m just gonna show the 2 maps side-by-side, in order to make the students aware of the effects of colonization.

Thank you, April, for sharing a great way to incorporate authentic (digital) text in the classroom!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great map. You know, those of you who are interested in this part of Africa are really lucky to have this map. I work with 16th Century Costa Rica and, well, it’s not so easy.

  • April E Stevens

    Awesome! I am glad that my idea could be helpful! Let me know how it goes!