Ruminations from a DH Conference

I am very proud of our little group of budding Digital Humanists. I am not too sure if you all realize how far you have gone and what you know, at this point.

I am presently at a DH “That Camp” in a large community of highly qualified scholars and techies. I have to tell you that you all clearly are well beyond a good percentage of these folk. I am not saying that this crowd is not “up to snuff,” what I am saying is that you all are now ahead of the game, by leaps and bounds. I want to make this clear. If you want further proof, and you think that your favorite cheerleader is trying to “make you feel good,” here is a quiz. The following are questions that I have heard from scholars and techies who consider themselves versed in DH.

-What’s a “Word Press?”
-Can you tell me what ” metadata” is?
-Why are there opening and closing tags in an HTML/XML/TEI document?
-Where can I get an Omeka?

Perhaps, before this course, you might have had these same questions. This knowledge is not innate. But, I have been thinking about you all during these sessions and realizing how far you’ve gone. Congratulations!


  • April E Stevens

    That is good to hear! I may not always feel knowledgeable, but it is all relative to where you started. Thanks for the reminder.