Wiki blackout!

Wikipedia will have a 24 hour blackout beginning tomorrow in order to protest the legislation concerning copyright law which will soon be put before congress. This is the first time I have heard of any type of boycott by a web site provider. Not only is this tactic new, it is meant to address copyright law.

Wikipedia To Be Blacked Out Over Anti-Piracy Bill

  • Anonymous

    Daniel,  do you think that this type of boycott will be effective?  How would a boycott address the copyright law?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting. This seems like a perfect topic for conversation tomorrow! 

    We can discuss why they are boycotting and I’d like to hear everyone’s stand on it.

  • Derek Bruff

    I vaguely remember similar “blackouts” when the DMCA was up for a vote, but I might be making that up.

    Either way, I just put together a little video explaining why SOPA worries me:

  • Derek Bruff

    I was half right! The blackout strategy has been used in the past, but it was back in 1996 to protest the Communication Decency Act. Details:

  • Julianledford

    I copied this from a friend’s Facebook page. (He is the CEO of  a company that manages songwriters in Nashville.)  ”
    I know the “blackout” with Wikipedia and Google today seems intriguing, but I wish I could show the worldwide public what I see everyday: hardworking songwriters and artists who toil for years only to have their songs pirated when they finally have a hit. To me, the fight for SOPA legislation is not high tech vs. Big Media – it is content pirates vs. the individual creators who are trying to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families. ”