Zheng He

 Zheng He was a Chinese explorer of the 14th century. He came from the Ming dynasty.  He led expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and East Africa from 1405-1433. Zheng He was born into a Muslim family, however, he worshiped Mazu – the patron goddess of sailors and seafarers. During his voyages, Zheng He was building mosques, while spreading the word about Mazu. He played an important role in establishing relationship between China and Muslim countries.

Between 1405 and 1433, the Ming government sponsored seven naval expeditions. The Chinese tried to impress other nations with their expeditions to other countries and their knowledge of the Indian Ocean. Zheng He was appointed as the admiral of the fleet and was in charge of the expedition. His fleets have visited Brunei, Thailand,  Southeast Asia, India and Arabia. During his expeditions, Zheng He brought the presents of gold, silver and silk. In exchange, China got zebras and camels.

Zheng He led seven expeditions throughout his lifetime and he brought multiple trophies and goods from other kingdoms.